A glorious history

According to the legend also reported by the same company Lazzaroni, in 1718 the Cardinal of Milan decided to visit the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Miracles in Saronno. In honour of his visit, a young couple prepared a dough based on sugar, bitter almonds and egg white which, made to rise in the oven, was used to create round biscuits that were called Amaretti.

Besides the legend, it was the Lazzaroni family, who moved from Treglio to Saronno at the beginning of the 18th century, to become the flagship of this confectionery specialty: at first in the small family workshop, then on an industrial level thanks to the foundation of D. Lazzaroni & C. 1888. In the section “Lazzaroni in history” there are trivia and details on the traditional lithographed tin boxes.

Amaretti City Tin 300g

New: the Milan, Rome and Venice tin box

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Amaretti Dessert 250g

Tradition and convenience

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Refined metal box

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Goodness in a convenient package

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Amaretti Small Window Box 65g

Tissue paper and sweets in a medium-size box

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Amaretti Window Box 200G

Tissue paper and sweets in a large box

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Old Time Tin 250G

The new tin Old Time

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