Our story

Centuries of history and tradition, authentic passion and continuous search for quality are the main ingredients of the Lazzaroni biscuits.
Lazzaroni is the brand that sells baked cookies (confectionery and breakfast products) produced by D. Lazzaroni & C. S.p.A., and it is also the name by which the company is known.

A historic company of the Italian confectionery industry, the manufacturer of, among other specialties, the Amaretti di Saronno (the sole biscuits with this name, being a registered trademark). Lazzaroni, the first Italian company to industrialize the production of biscuits, started marketing with the homonymous brand in 1888. However, the first entrepreneurial activity dates back to the early 18th century, when the Lazzaroni family, whose origins are in Teglio, in Valtellina, moved to Saronno and began the small-scale production of Amaretti di Saronno pastries.

In the following years the company took off with the production of 350 different biscuits exported all over the world: the vocation of an export company is represented by the brand, placed on each package, depicting a steam vessel or a sailing ship. Since the early years the Lazzaroni production has stood out for the quality of its products, attested by several awards obtained. At that time biscuits such as Oswego, Nutritivo, Croccale and Germovita appeared on the market.

In the 20th century the Lazzaroni biscuits were increasingly appreciated by the Italian families and, in historical advertisements, their name was highlighted by enhancing their “digestive and super-nutritive” characteristics.
Today Lazzaroni combines the traditional assorted confectionery products and the Amaretti di Saronno, sold in the characteristic lithographed tin boxes, a range of biscuits and shortbreads for breakfast and of small pastries along with tasty savoury snacks. To meet all needs, Lazzaroni offers the free-from biscuits line (gluten-free and with no added sugar).

La  storia delle scatole di latta Lazzaroni

La storia lascia sugli oggetti che ci circondano dei segni indelebili. Con le immagini litografate sulle scatole di latta, Lazzaroni propone cento anni di cambiamenti, di stili, di abitudini e gusti italiani. Avere la fortuna di possedere una latta Lazzaroni in casa significa custodire una preziosità che rappresenta un valore antiquariale.

Lazzaroni was one of the first companies to use tins as containers for storing biscuits. Towards the end of the 19th century Italy, finally unified, was slowly organizing itself into a nation: exchanges favoured by the rapid development of means of transport grew and a certain wellness began to spread above all in the more advanced levels of the middle class.
Within a few years the Lazzaroni family-run pastry and amaretti shop became a small industry.

Before using tin boxes the biscuits were sold “loose” and arrived in stores in capacious empty boxes to return. The interesting and decorative almost cubic-shaped tin displayed coloured chrome-lithographic prints depicting both heraldic symbols (the Savoy family coat of arms as at the time the company was certified as a supplier of the monarchs), and medal images (alluding to taking part in Exhibitions or Awards). Once the symbols of sweetness, today, the Lazzaroni containers tell us about a world and the Italy of the past.