Man at the Centre

The Lazzaroni philosophy
Not only biscuits but also a 4.0 firm, a human factor and some academic research. Lazzaroni offers good and genuine products that represent today much more than simple desserts thanks to the company philosophy that puts “man at the centre”. This is based on the wellness feeling that everyone perceives knowing that a Lazzaroni biscuit was designed and created by an individual, in harmony with themselves and with the surrounding environment.

An “intelligent factory” production that combines technology with the human factor. As a matter of fact, man does not disappear because replaced by “machines” but takes on a central and strategic role. The company’s avant-garde activities concentrate in the Abruzzo plant of Isola del Gran Sasso (TE), in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park; the latter is the protagonist of the new industrial 4.0 production paradigm, between automatism and digitalization. The handmade tradition is combined with new technologies, always seeking excellence and selecting only the best raw materials.

The Lazzaroni group has decided to make use of the land it owns: in the Abruzzo plants, alongside the industry, cultivated fields and farms are entrusted to a program of social integration through the monitoring and intervention of the academic research of the territory.